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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Dear it has been Awhile...

So yeah it has been awhile since I posted... mainly because my computer crashed and now I am looking for another one.. I have been busy with Turkey day, shopping, holiday parties, more shopping. Throwing parties, making goodie bags, taking pictures, mailed Christmas cards...

Yeah BUSY is not really the word for it... it is FREAKIN CRAZY

I have some updates we took X-man to the NICU evaluation in which time he was 7 months corrected. Of course we get the same physical thereapist that I hated last time, but my son was a GEM!

He crawled for them, said a few words, help his bottle, stood up, sat up, and they were very impressed. I am so happy we got the clear to come back in a year HOORAY for my Xman he is doing great and I thank God every day for my Christmas Miracle.

Although the other day my princess was singing happy birthday to her brother and showing him how he needs to blow out the candles. I started crying hysterically..... I was just so blessed with my son, that he lived, that he is perfect, that we are celebrating for the FIRST TIME a Happy Holiday all together in our cozy home with our family and even the dog.

A Chirstmas with no deployments to iraq, no hospitals, no tears of sorrow. All four of us all together Christmas Morning I CANNOT WAIT.....

What I want for Christmas is just to see my kids faces Christmas Morning... that is all I asked for.

But I am still have high hopes my Rich brother is gonna get me the UGG boots that I want! :)

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