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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Cried.. and I Cried Some more

You know I just wish this year would be FUCKING OVER already! What a mess I mean is there anything else that life is gonna throw at me.

So My son is Born on Christmas Day 3 months before he was supposed to be so basically that meant 3 month hospital stay for my son, 3 months barely seeing my daughter, missing Christmas for her, Getting out of the hospital on her birthday and barely able to keep from crying about the fact that I left my son in a place where he is all alone with no mommy and daddy with tubes coming from every where....

Then he comes home and does EXTREMLY well and now it is the start of RSV season and he is supposed to get Synagis shots to help him fight off any kind of flu, cold, RSV, swine flu! and the insurance company says that he does not need it because he he has not been in oxgen in over 6 months. So when I got the call and heard the nurse say that I cried and cried cause although I don't have a bad feeling about it he is still only 14 pounds so if he gets sick he could get really sick , I just want that piece of mind to know that he gets that shot he won't get as sick,

Now I can only hope that the 7 months my son got breast milk will help him fight off the nasty germs!

So now he is coughing as the whole house just had brochitis, I heard him cough last night and I cried and cried I dont want him to get sick I dont want him to get the sniffles or ANYTHING, I try so hard to keep him away from germs

When you are a mom you want to keep them safe and do anything to to make sure of that. And when you can't you feel helpless, but I don't know what else to do. So here is to hoping that the cough is no big deal just his teeth like before

Please God don't let him be sick!

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  1. I went through so much of what you are going through now. Somehow it all works out, I know that if you fight or your doctors office fights they will give him the RSV shot again. My daughter had it for 2 years. Keep the faith it is times like this we need it most!