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Thursday, October 8, 2009

5 Years Ago Today....

I married my Best Friend Tear....

It was pouring on Oct 7th 2004 in Savannah my parents had come down and Ben's brother and his family. A few of B's military butt buddies showed up as well. We had to be married in Effingham, GA because the county we lived in did not perform marriages. We all drove to the court house me the "moose" at 7 months preggo with Kylie.

I remember B cried to whole way to the court house he said it was because he was so Happy I think it was because he was thinking "what the fuck did I get myself into" I was thinking about the steak I would be eating at our after getting married dinner.

They were very sweet there a little old lady married us we even did vows and she read out of the bible.... B continued to cry again not sure why I got a little choked up when she said u may kiss your wife! At at that moment at 5:37pm on Oct 7th 2004 I became MRS. V not to be confused with my MIL please don't get me started on that.

We have had our share of up's and down's in the last 5 years... 2 tours to Iraq, death, new house, a church wedding, a preemie, money issues.... But in the end it all worked out and here we are

We have a family of four and a dog.... We have had fights, had to seek counseling, we have gone through friends, and made new ones. We live in a subdivision well kinda, he has survived my cooking for all these years and my PMS, my crying, my stupidity. And we made it 5 years I am currently in shock I can't believe it has been that long and my baby girl my "bear" is gonna be 5 years old.

Where does the time go??? Here is 3 cheers to a happy,healthily,50 more years.

I Love you B from here to heaven and Back!

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