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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I really got nothing to write about really, I guess I will just kinda wing it...

My baby is getting to be such a big boy now he is almost crawling FORWARD he crawls backwards and does this back scoot thing, and rolls around but we are waiting for him to crawl forward.

Halloween is coming up and I am excited two kids to dress up this year and one I still get to choose what they be. Xander will be a Bat soo cute! And Kylie I really want her to be a cupcake but she has other ideas she wants to be a Disney Princess.... wonder which one she will be??? Most likely Airel because she is sooo cool with her red flowing hair and her cool fish friend flounder.

So on to another topix the hubtard is a volunteer fireman for the town in which we reside. They got a new chief over the weekend and well now that are looking to start a ladies auxiliary and guess who got nominated to be a part of it.... ME I guess I have SUCKER written all over my face cause I got sucked in. Although there are going to be a few of the steford wives that are going to be difficult to deal with:

We have Wife A comes into the firehouse introduces herself as "Smiths" wife not her name just "smiths" wife okay HELLO I know I am "Ben's: wife but I have a fuckin name. So I say the following " oh I am not sure who that is, did he just start with us? Her response "UM Yah Ugh" Okay not talking to MRS stuck up for the rest of the evening.

Wife B comes we shall call her LOUD MOUTH> During the whole meeting she was that annoying kid in high school that blurted out shit while the teacher would talk. For everything the Chief said she had to comment I wanted to Bitch slap her across the face. on top of the fact that she thinks she is GREAT and yeah um ur not shut up!

Wife C we shall call her "broken" as she had a broken something or other which required her to wear this boot cast thing. Before the meeting started she had to tell EVERYONE about it. Who cares lady we all know that there is something wrong we don't need the fucking doctors report given too us in detail. Then of course she raises her hand and starts saying she did this before and blah blah blah at that point I turned her out.

Wife D she did not attend the meeting but she is a TRASH BALL! Gross her and her husband come and looking like they have not had a shower in 3 weeks. They must shop in the garbage for their clothes or they don't wash him. She has Double D boobs and does not wear a BRA can you say EWWW and this bitch is going to be baking cookies for a bake SALE well I ain't eating them.

Well that is about all I got.... I will update once we have our first official meeting at the FD Ladies Auxiliary

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