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Monday, July 6, 2009

Too Much M.J For Mommy

Okay So... I have not really decided if I think that MJ (Michael Jacko) was a perv or not.. Whatever God forgives RIP whatever else there is to say and what not... But I think the TV coverage needs to STOP

Last Night while watching my fav show Army Wives.... yes I am hooked, I was playing "babies" with my 4 year old. She would buckle the baby in the car seat and then pretend she was leaving and I would say goodbye and she would do it all over again. Well besides that fact she spent the entire day Signing beat it... beat it... just beat it...

All of a sudden she puts on a freakin pick snow mitten she found lord knows where and puts it on her hand she repeats to put the baby in the car seat with the glove still on her hand so I continue watching her and I ask her KyKy what are you doing with that glove on your hand to my surprise her reply is " I am just being like Michael Jackson" at that very moment I nearly pissed myself I could not believe it.... Coming from a child who grew up watching the famous explorer DORA for the first 3 years of her life, and made her parents go broke cause everyone time we would to walmart she would beg for the "newest Dvd" Soo back to my story I mean she grew up singing all the Dora Songs from Turn the Wheel Isa... to I wanna be a big sister.... and she did at times listen to her mommys music she would dance to rap all the time, and feel asleep to Ozzy thanks to my hubbs....BUT never knew Michael or the jackson five or Motown.. but odly she pays too much attention to the damn TV and is rocking the Glove out right now..

She is too much for me sometimes, so now that I feel that this post is all about my baby girl.. I will touch on Xander he is doing sooo great.... There does not appear to be any long term issues he is doing everything at his Corrected age of 3 months... he is though eating solids now and I discovered that they have Mango Flavored baby food now but only at Walmart But I mean it must be better than Pears or Applesauce... right.. but he is still a momma's boy which I LOVE well I guess I better go.... Later peeps

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  1. Awww! She sounds so cute! What a clever kiddo!