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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thoughts Thoughts and more Thoughts

Sooo I have a taste for waffles and I texted my hubbs and kindly advised that is what we are having dinner waffles this will be a first as I have not had breakfast for dinner in like 10 years which was 3 years before I met the hubby and 6 years before I had KyKy.

So Anyways on to another subject so there is this friend and I her an I had a falling out about a year ago... lets call her chocolate well she said some really really mean things. Now if she would have said them about just me fine I can handle that but please do not bring up my family... they did nothing to you to deserve to be talked about. Plus there were things that were brought up in the conversation that I entrusted in her not to tell anyone about.

Well anyways it has now been over a year since we have not been friends. We decided that very day on the phone that it was over we would not longer be friends. We do see each other on occasion as we have other friends in common, and we are civil we usually say hi and asks how the others kids are but nothing more than that.

For a long time I was mad and then it turned into being sad. Certain things I would find would remind me of her and how much she was there for me when times were tough. Or I would remember just our long conversations on the phone we had about different things. But then I would think about the fact that when she had her baby she changed and the person that I so deeply missed was no longer there... and then I would stop thinking about it.

So it has been awile now like I said over a year and she wants to talk to me about what I am not sure but she wants to talk. The Hubbs thinks I should say no and leave it at that, But if you know me u know that I am not that kind of person I am very forgiving therefore I am thinking I am going to do it.

I am not saying that being we are gonna talk means everything will go away and things will be just as they were because I know they won't and they may never but hey they say when you loose a friend you die a little inside and I think that is totally true. So I guess we will see....

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