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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh The Joy..

Just wanted to let everyone know that my crazy lunitic of a Mother in Law made it though her surgery...

Keep in mind this

1. the is CRAZY and I mean CRAZY
2. she had a kindney stone removed it was out patient

So my husband in his attempt to make his mother like him at this point cause for her to love him it is just not in the cards... So he calls her sat to tell her good luck and that he would call on Monday when she got home. She proceeds to ask him what he wants her to leave him in the will. He was taken back and said what are you talking about.

Sidenote... 3-17-04 MIL undergo's major brain surgery and is given a 40% chance of living. She LIVED

She made a living will and power of attny in which she said was required by the hospital. Okay if that was the case then I would for sure had to do that for my outpatient thing last may and for sure for the C-Section I had on X-mas.

So needless to say as we all thought she made it. I texted my SIL the one I acutally like and she was a bitch to me so I just figured let Ben call I give up.

On a lighter note My daughter informed me the other day that I am a bad mom. And so it goes like this we went to Wal-Mart the kids and I with my friend he has twins the whole event was interesting. Xander actually sat in the car seat until the check out you know where i have to take $124 worth of shit on the conveyer. He starts SCREAMING to be held so with one hand holding him I had one had to put the shit up there and the SLOWEST woman on the planet ringing us out.

So you can imagine putting all of that plus 2 kids in the car. I finally 20 minutes later get everything together take a drink of my pop and start for home. Half way down the road I hear this

"Your a Bad Mom"
Me "What did you say"
" I said your a bad mom you forgot to buckle me in"
Me: I am sorry I will pull over in a minute.
Ky: Well you were not paying attn and you forgot and that is very dangerous.

My daughter oh how I love her so proceeds to tell 20 people before the end of the day what I had done.

Lord give me the strength to raise daughters.....

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