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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lip Gloss....

With all the recent events of today and the mis-haps I have been having with our sexual encounters for example.... My birthday sex?? No protection at all we kinda forgot... Condom came off.... and a number of other ones, I mean I don't really want to be pregnant right now my baby is only 7 months for GOD SAKE! But there are so many people out there wanting children and can't.... I should not even mention anything. But if I am I am so be it we will manage.

We may have to purchase a mini-van and another car seat I may even get to live the american dream and be a stay at home mom, don't know how but... like the hubby says we will manage. So tonight is the moment of truth I guess... The only thing that makes me think that I am oh so totally not is that i am not sick AT ALL I mean not an ounce of sick (puking sick that is) threw up the entire time with both kids. But I have not had aunt flow since I stopped nursing almost 3 months ago, but I have always been irregular. I don't know. I am not going to tell ANYONE even if I am except for the people who read this blog will know.

But anyways in my thinking about the fact that I "may" be preggo again I started thinking about when I was first preggo with Xander it was end of summer last year and I was EXTREMELY ILL laying in my bed could not even keep water down. My daughter and dog (maxi-pad) are playing on the floor next to me. All of a sudden I hear a lil voice say this...

Ky to the dog " Max pucker your lips like this"
Ky: No Max like this.
Ky: Max okay you ready

I open my eyes to see my 3 year old putting lip gloss on the dog who already is wearing the pretty pretty princess necklace.

I asked her what she is doing and she proceeds to tell me that "Max really wanted to be a princess today" I kindly explained to her that dog's are not princesses and they can't wear lip gloss.... Oh how I love kids

So there is nothing else new I am just nervous about going home and taking the test..... bitting nails nervously

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