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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And So it does Fly.....

Wow time sure does FLY and I mean FLY we are approaching Kylie’s last week of 1rst Grade and I can hardly believe it has already come and gone.
Xander will be completing Pre-school Prep also and move on to 2 day a week Preschool next year. I must say we had a VERY VERY rocky start but when it was all said and done it has helped him blossom so much.

I am so very proud of the girl you have become you have the sweetest smile, the kindest heart, and such a joyful disposition. I have to admit I did worry without the presence of your dad for the first year, we moved you twice, I know at times it is not easy being the oldest and having to help the little ones. But you do it with a smile. You are the best big sister any one could ask for. I am so very proud of how well you are doing in school and how your willingness to help others is truly amazing. I see you 5 years from now as a performer…. You have that talent to do great things in many different ways but I think your heart is on stage….
I love you to the moon and back baby girl and I look forward to making smores 100 more times with you this summer. I can not believe that you are going to be heading to second grade. Love Mom

As for Luca he is so silly I just love our little “surprise” to pieces
I am in a much better mood now that I have a walking cast and my independence back. Oh and that my boss if going to be out the next 2 days and I only have to work a few hours on Friday then a 3 day weekend begins.

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