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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm a Poll Watcher...

Yes today is Election Day and my dad is running for a Village Board seat. I have to say I will be glad when this is all over.... So I will be poll watching tonight from 3-7pm and then taking the results of my "poll" back to the Rally I have seen so many people say such harsh things about him whether on a social networking site, in the newspaper, or on a message board and its sucks I don't like it one bit! He has done nothing but good for the community spent 10 years on the school board and built a new school worth over a million dollars for the kids in the community. They also named the park that was built behind the school after him. I mean he has to be doing something right. I hate when people bash. Especialy when it is about their personal life. That has nothing to do with what he does in the community. As far as his personal life he raised me and my brother and we turned out good, never got into any trouble or anything. Yeah so he and my mom got divorced so what. My mom even though she has moved on is still helping him with his campaign between money and time. Why don't they ever talk about that! Anyways I really hope that he wins today! He has ran so many times and 2 years ago he lost by only 22 votes. I wish he would have contested it but he said he lost and that was that. I wish him and his party the best of luck today! I hope I have good news to report tomorrow. Either way I am going to be happy when all the name calling and bashing is over.

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  1. That would be hard to read and see, hugs. Fingers crossed that he wins.