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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Allergies in Full Swing

My Allergies are in full swing today. thanks mother nature for the crazy ass weather you have been throwing our way here in Chicago. We go from 65 degree day to a 90 degree day WTF?

So I have been having a lot of crazy thoughts lately... like my hubby is super quiet and keeps to him self. I love him dont get me wrong but I sometimes wonder if someone like me more out going would be more fun?

I mean my husband and I have fun times but those are when we are alone. Never with a group of people. Most of the time I go out by myself and have a much better time then when I have to entertain him and do what he wants. I have basically just have learned to live with it. But there are times when I still wish that he was just a little bit more out going.

After having 2 kids I figured one of them would be like him although I wished they would not be. And it seems like they are both like there mama. Big personalities. And for this I am grateful

Here is to hoping I stop sneezing before bed time and that my headache leaves...

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