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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I am moving out

So the other day my husband says to me.. You know I think I am going to move out once Ky hits the teenage years. I started to laugh and asked him why. He said that she is almost 5 and acts like she is 12 now what the hell is it gonna be like when she is 13 and acts 25 I am gonna go nuts.

He thinks he is freakin mr knows everything about everything sometimes I swear to God! Maybe it is all men though. Yesterday we had the argument about reading. We will go to the book store and he will buy usually a book sometimes two. I will do the same. I will usually complete the entire book in about a week sometimes less depending on what kind of time I have. He will finish half in like 2 months then not read it for like 5 months and go back to it and have to re-read it from the beginning.

So I asked him because we have very different taste in books.

I do read a variety of books... Some authors include Nicholas Sparks, Sue Grafton, James Patterson, Johnathan Kellerman, I also read some non-fiction Stephanie Wilder-Taylor, Tori Spelling's books, Jenny Mcarthy

He on the other had is reading currently the history of God and although I was born and raised Catholic I had all of that shoved down my throat with all the years I went to private school I really don't think there is anything else for me to know about. Nor do I really have an interest in any other kinds of God's and what other religions believe in. And don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that it is just not me that's all.

He also is reading a classic book Paradise Lost. First of all I can't understand it I read one page and was like I don't get it. It is written kind of like a Shakespeare book which I listened to on tape in high school to pass English class... The book from my understanding is about a man who gets kicked out of heaven, it has a lot of big words which are not really my thing.

My husband says to me this is a classic how could you not like it. I said well I did not care for Huck Finn or Macbeth. I do although like some classics Of Mice and Men, Night, Diary of Ann Frank.

He responds with well those are chick books. He started saying that way back when the books that were written were for men only... okay whatever he thinks I read mindless tails of stories that would never happen. I told him to leave me alone that as I was reading my book and that it did not matter what I read it is better than watching FUCKIN Sponge Bob for the 9,125,236 time this week.

Now he thinks Xander needs baby Einstein for brain stimulation. Okay great cause you have raised 5 other kids and know exactly what you are talking about. I then kindly reminded him this is really his first experience with the Whole First Year thing as he was deployed until Ky was 15 months.

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