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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Sick Story

  • So I have been sick all week... and can't really take anything so I suffer.. and continue to suffer.

  • I thought it was allergies now I have a cough and sore throat

  • The kids got sick Wed night Kylie has had a cough for over a week and Xander started with a fever

  • Woke up Thur morning for work and he is burning up no work for me.

  • 6 scripts from the doctor... he ha strep? Like how does a 2 year old get strep? She has bronchitis sweeeet.

  • I should not be complaining my kids have not been sick since before Xmas.

  • I hope this is the last of it till winter...

  • I have been getting up every 2 to 3 hours to check on him during the night with the fever and therefore have not slept in 3 nights.

  • I get to wake up tomorrow at 6:30 to babysit I told a friend I would watch her kid while she had school every sat in June what was I thinking.

  • I called this friend and told her that my kids were sick she said her kid was just sick so she won't catch it again.

  • I give up with people. Therefore all plans for the weekend are gone as we have sick kiddos.

  • Hopefully by Sunday night we are all better.

  • Did I mention the hubby works all weekend also.

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  1. I will never understand why people think that when you tell them your kids are indeed sick you still want to help them out. I know that I don't want my kids around anyone else's kids that are sick.