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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The "How 2" on Cake Pops....

Okay ladies as you wish....

Here is my version I did purchase the booked called "Cake Pops" by Bakerella. You can also put "bakerella" into google and find her there.

She is the master of them I on the other hand can make them and they taste awesome I have not gotten into the really cool stuff like how to make them look like baby chicks for Easter..

Here is the easy version from me... side note I like to do things that are SIMPLE... these are simple but they take a bit and I have learned having 2 people makes it easier so find a friend or a mom or a hubby to help you..

Make a devils food cake and let it cool completely I do it over night to make sure it is cool. Almost 24 hours....

Destroy Cake... crumble the cake until it is all crumbles.... mix in 3/4 of a container of white frosting which ever kind mix it all together

Roll into balls not to big not to small I don't know what to tell you like inch wise but not as big as a golf ball and not as small as a marble. place them on a cookie sheet with wax paper.

One cake makes about 40 balls but once you start the rest of the process you may loose some.

Okay if you have time put the "balls" in the fridge over night otherwise the freezer for about one to two hours works fine.

What you are going to do is buy melting chocolate and do a double boiler on the stove I use Wilton's but you need to add a little veggie oil to thin it out. You will also need a piece of Styrofoam to stick the sticks in once you have dipped or something similar.

1. take the cake ball in one hand
2. dip the tip of the lollipop stick in the melted chocolate
3. put stick in ball
4. dip ball in chocolate till it is covered. (you may need a spoon to help)
5. Hold up right to let it drip a bit
6. I added sprinkles this time DO NOT ROLL them in sprinkles though use your fingers and just sprinkle them on

Another tip if you don't want lollipops you can do the same thing and put them in mini-cup cake papers and they look like little bon bons cute for a girls night or a bridal shower.

Another fun thing I have done for kids parties is make rice krispie treats but instead use fruity pebbles. put in a pan and let them harden over night. Roll them into balls and stick a Popsicle stick in them cover with plastic wrap and a cute ribbon.. they were a HIT at the party I made them for.

I hope that you all enjoy cake pops they have not become a hit with the kids and adults so I am usually making them a couple times a year. But they are pretty dang good.

Also I promise to share some of the edits I did over the weekend at the Twin's party. I just loaded photo shop and WOW its not that easy it is Elements so if anyone has any tips that would be great.

I will also share a picture of the cake pops that were made :)

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