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Thursday, August 20, 2009

I wanted to stab my eyes out

You know there are a lot of benefits to being a young mom, you are young and not tired all the time. You can still be a kid and run around with your kids and act a fool. You still can giggle like a school girl when you have a quickie in the bathroom with your daughter yelling what are you doing in there mommy? Is daddy watching you poop? hahahahahaha!

But there are down falls and I did not realize it until Ky started dance class and then started preschool last year.

You see a lot of the parents are in their late 30's early 40's and I of course am not I am a mere 26 got knocked up at 20 and again at 25.

We started the Mommy and me Class called Dancing Gym Bears, it was 30 minutes of tumbling and 30 minutes of ballet with mommy's assistance. Thank the lord for my one friend who decided to get knocked up three months after me and just so happened to have a girl, quite frankly Tracy I wanna go all I LOVE U MAN on you, with tears in my eyes because I am so happy we are bff and so are our girls.

I noticed most of the parents were stuck up, most had more money than me of course and lived in huge 4000 square foot houses and only shopped for their daughter clothes at little boutiques! Now don't get me wrong I like boutique's but Walmart and Target are also just fine, and I am all about FREE hand me downs. I know that I am secretly a GYMBUCKS junkie I love gymboree and Ky has most of the outfits that the Gosslin's have of course I paid and they got them for free, okay now that I have gone off on another tangent.

Anyways, most of the parents I think look down on me, well that is how I felt anyways. The only person that would talk to me besides the teacher and my own kid is my friend Tracy. After the last two years of it I have gotten used to it. I tried to volunteer more and be more talkative. It has gotten better over the last year, and then came Preschool where because my friend lives like in another region of the state LOL I have no one. I was all alone in the mommy world and GOD FORBID the fact that I am a working mom.

They ignored me the whole year, none of the mom's ever talked to me, occasionally I would get a hello but that was it. I was although the topic of coversation when my son was born 3 mths premature. I would get the sad puppy dog eyes. "Oh I hope it all works out for you and is it your boyfried" No my husband FUCKER and I bet he get harder faster than yours and does NOT have to use viagra.

The last occasion was a ice cream social which I dreaded because #1 hubby could not come to keep me gossiping and #2 I had to take the little man. So I sent Ky off to play with the other kids while I watched and I fed the baby.

I am then approached by another mom and the conversation goes something like this.

Other Mom: Congrats I heard you are preggo and having a girl

Me: Thinking what the FUCK : Says: Um no I am not preggo I have a 7th month old.

Other Mom: oh well Ky told me and the other mom's that you were having another baby and it was a sister.

Me: well I am sorry but I am not I give a little fake laugh as she walks away and whispers to the other moms.

Now I know I am overweight but I don't look preggo and I am NOT for sure. Leave it to my daughter it is not like it is bad enough how I feel when I go to these things and sit there having a conversation with my 7mth old now my kid is starting the rumors. Lord Help Me!


  1. Dude. Help ME! I have the same issues. Except I really DO look pregnant. Which I'm not.

  2. Try taking your kid to parks in your neighborhood. It's worth a're more likely to run into other parents who, because they live in your neighborhood, have similar income/lifestyle to yours.

    I got lucky. My "mommy brigade" are friends whom I have had for years who stayed friends through marriages and children. And the rest of my group, rough and tumble though they may look, love kids and are all very excited to be Aunts and Uncles.

  3. Oh...and whenever you notice the uppity moms whispering about you and giving you stink eye, nonchalantly pick your nose and then smile at them.

    You don't want to be part of a shitty crowd like that anyway. And your kid will learn to be catty and judgemental. Fuck em.